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The Order of the Spheres and Their Angelic Beings in Relation to Kabbalistic Astrology.

The "Order of the Spheres" is something that is very seldom talked about because most people are not aware of its very important relevance to life. The gradation of the spheres is also called the "Kabbalistic Tree of Life." These spheres of course are analogous to the various planetary spheres but have no relation to them. Kabbalistic Astrology is based on the knowledge of these spheres.

In Kabbalistic Astrology the first sphere of activity is the Zone that Girdles the Earth.

The Zone Girdling the Earth is a space surrounding our immediate Earth. Within this space there are 360 evenly spaced beings called Intelligences encircling the Earth. It is for this reason that to this day in our culture we still use the convention of 360 degrees to define a circle. These beings among others keep the order on Earth.

(This space is also known as the beyond. The lowest layer of this space is the one nearest the Earth. This stratification creates a hierarchy of beings based upon their maturity. Among these being are the departed souls of human beings. The ones at the lowest levels are the least developed and more Earth bound.)

Starting at sunrise each Intelligence of the Zone girdling the Earth occupies 4 minutes. This is and remains an unchanging constant on our Earth. The first head starts at the precise moment of sunrise and lasts for 4 minutes. His influence starts again at the following sunrise. As the time of sunrise changes with the advancing of the year so does the starting time of this cycle. The same applies for the other spheres. It should be understood that any and all effects are the result of an act by an intelligence acting with purpose.

An "intelligence" must be part of a being and cannot exist alone. (An intelligence is a purposeful force.) The beings of the spheres are in the astral world and therefore act in the invisible astral world affecting our astral bodies.

In light of this it should be clear that it is through beings that Kabbalistic astrological effects occur. They influence the "coming into being" of an effect, which is why they are Kabbalistic in nature.

a) Whereas in the formerly stated particles of light wherein the life substances are carried a specific intelligence is carried with them. Their effects being similar to that intelligence. They serve to effect and maintain creation.

b) These latter astral entities of the "Order of the Spheres" give order to all things and aid in the development of human beings. They are therefore the superior beings that do the will of Divine Providence.

As the beings all possess specific talents and abilities, when they are at their station manifesting their influence at the time a human being is born that human being will be influenced by that being. In this way talents are dispensed to individual human beings.

This can be compared to a machine that sprays a different color of paint through a number of different spray nozzles in a constant sequence. Should someone pass in front of a nozzle and get sprayed that color, then that person carries that particular tinge with them. Only in the case of the beings the effect stays for life.

From this individual talents are inspired. The particular time zone is occupied by two beings one positive and one negative. Each are masters of specific talents only one positively and one negatively. If the particular talent is music one will inspire a heavenly, uplifting tune while the other will lead towards a hellish screeching, very base noise.

This information can be used in conjunction with the other stellar information to produce a more complete natal horoscope. Some parts of this information has been paraphrased from the out of Jakob Lorber and Franz Bardon.