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eating meat, jakob lorber

A Meat Diet: Eating Meat From the Spiritual Point of View

This is not a condemnation of eating meat. Rather, it is laying out principles of health from the Spiritual Point of View which is the foundation of a sound decision comes from!

eating meat, jakob lorber The Lord's Book of Life and Health
Jakob Lorber
265 pages
Cost: $17.95

eating meat, jakob lorber
The perspective of these excerpts are quite informative and definitely from "outside of the box"!
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Regarding A Meat Diet

The Lord: "In an emergency, you can eat the meat of any animal, and it will serve you well. Because all nourishment that a human being is forced to eat because of a certain predicament, is cleansed by Me; but here, he must exercise an even greater temperance. The flesh of pigs is good, but the blood of the slaughtered animal must be well drained, and the meat should marinate for seven days in salt and vinegar and thyme. Then it should be taken out of this solution and dried well with a linen cloth, and smoked in good wood and herbs for several weeks, until it becomes totally hard and dry.

If you wish to eat this meat, boil it first in half water, half wine, with thyme and parsley. Therewith, you will have good and healthy nourishment on the table. These animals, however, must always be slaughtered in the winter.

"In the manner as we dealt with the pigs, that is how you must deal with all other unclean animals; their flesh, when eaten in moderation, should not harm human beings. That which applies to animals on land, also applies to the various species in the air, and a multitude of animals in the great oceans!'

The Great Gospel of John, V/239

This excerpt is a good introduction to the type of information available in The Lord's Book of Life and Health in particular and from the New Revelation in general.