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the lord's book of life and health impure foods

Impure Foods: From The Spiritual Point of View

On The Dangers and Influences of Impure Foods

the lord's book of life and health impure foodsThe Lord's Book of Life and Health
Jakob Lorber
265 pages
Cost: $17.95

the lord's book of life and health impure foods

Health from the Spiritual Point of View - Theory and Practice!
This page contains excerpts on the subject of Impure Foods out of The Lord's Book of Life & Health.
"Impure spirits, partly those who already once lived in the flesh in this world, but for the greater part those nature-spirits which have never been begotten in human flesh, are everywhere-in the air, upon and in the earth, in the water and in the fire, in stones, metals, plants, animals, and also in the blood and flesh of human beings. This is why human beings should not eat the flesh of suffocated and unclean animals."

"In an emergency, the flesh of unclean animals can be eaten, but first it must be well-cleansed and marinated in salt and good herbs. Then it should be smoked in good herbs, in order that the flesh is free of unclean spirits."

"The flesh of predatory animals is harmful for human beings, regardless of all My advice in respect of the aforementioned precautions, since the unclean spirits can never be entirely removed from this flesh."

"Human beings should also not drink water from unclean springs, and they should keep their wells clean, just as Moses strictly ordered the Israelites to do in My name."

"Whosoever lives in accordance with Moses' instructions regarding his body will be secure everywhere, and at all times from being possessed by wicked and impure spirits. And he will be especially more secure when he believes in Me and My Fatherly care, and commences and concludes everything in My name. Without this, however, through his own indolence, ignorance and foolishness, he is subject at every moment to a thousand dangers of all kinds and descriptions."

"If I would not protect human beings with My angels-which are already by nature of a better sense and will-there would be very few human beings upon this earth who would not be possessed! But human beings should not rely too much on this because My angels will not restrict their will."

"The Great Gospel of John, X/54 The Lord:

This excerpt is an introducing to the  type of information available in the Lord's Book of Life and Health from the New Revelation.