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Our Policies and Procedures

Privacy Policies

Advances in technology have made it possible for exchanges in information to take place like never before. The very important question of privacy arises and what is being done with information voluntarily submitted to a web site!? Being web merchants your privacy is as important as your patronage. In the end we are people just like you and valuing our own privacy we respect and value yours.

  • In order that we may be able to process your orders requires that you divulge specific personal information. This information consists of your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card information, etc. Without this information we, and thousands of other businesses could not conduct business on the internet. This information if given over the internet, is encrypted and sent to us via our web hosts secure server at We are made aware of this information through an e-mail.

  • This information can only be viewed on the Bluehost secure servers using our computers but, is not downloaded directly into our computers which could pose a security risk to you. We keep a printed copy of it for our records.

  • This information is shared with NO ONE, and in time is eventually destroyed.

  • If you should like to know the information we have about you or to verify whether it is up to date and correct please e-mail us at, we will forward the information in our records to you by whatever method you would like it. As our internet presence improves we hope to be able to improve your access to your information with us.

  • If you have purchased from us in the past we might at some time in the future inform you of new product or sales. We also hope in future to have a more interactive online system of allowing you more options of what we might or might not do with your information.

  • Should you receive a message from us in any form such as mail or e-mail, and you would like to be removed from our mailing list please mail us or e-mail us. Upon receipt of your request we will remove you from any further messaging.

  • Should you decide to place an order via telephone please know that we use land lines to receive private information. Land lines are not scanable.

McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

We understand the importance of security in today's world, both for ourselves and our customers. To address online security our web hosting company, Bluehost provide us with a security SSL certificate from Comodo for your online protection  when you visit or shop on our site.

The encryption strength of a digital certificate is determined by the level of encryption supported by the browser used to connect to a web site and the server where the web site resides. This means that users may connect at 40-bit, 56-bit or 128-bit depending on the browser version they are using.

Most digital certificates function in this way – providing encryption at a strength supported by the browser and server. It is important to understand this distinction as many CAs promote their certificates as 128-bit when in fact they will support sessions of varying encryption strength (128-bit being the strongest possible level of encryption).

In the past, legislation of the United States government prevented the export of 128-bit encryption technology. The result of this was the creation of the so called “export” browser versions which were restricted to 40-bit and 56-bit encryption capabilities. These browsers were distributed outside of the United States for many years and were even downloaded by US based users. In 1997, the US government repealed its ban on 128-bit encryption. Today however, there are still significant numbers of export version browsers in use, mainly internationally but also in the United States.

Digital certificates have been developed that provide 128-bit encryption for browsers which are defaulted to 40-bit or 56-bit encryption – the so called “export” browser versions which include IE 5.01 and Netscape 4.7x and later . These certificates include technology known as Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) which automatically steps-up these browsers to the 128-bit encryption level. Only a handful of CAs supply these certificates, so if you require the 128-bit encryption step-up capability, make sure you ask for SGC technology.

How can you benefit from SGC-enabled SSL certificates?

With SSL certificates e-commerce companies can provide increased security for both their customers and themselves. In doing so companies using SGC will improve their brand security, thereby building trust with their customers.

Tests conducted by the Yankee Group have shown that millions of internet users still use older versions of Windows 2000 (without Service Pack 4 or the high-encryption pack), which results in millions of internet users connecting to SSL enabled sites with weak, vulnerable 40 and 56-bit encryption rates, placing themselves and many vendors’ brands, at great risk. These same users can automatically gain full-strength 128-bit encryption, the minimum recommended level of encryption for financial transactions, when conducting business with SGC-enabled websites.

According to the Yankee Group, wide-scale deployment of SGC-enabled SSL certificates, such as thawte’s SGC SuperCert, would reduce the actual number of users exposed by weaker encryption dramatically and make it possible for virtually every internet user to automatically be stepped up to 128-bit.

McAfeeSECURE (formerly HackerSafe)McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

In addition to the above mentioned security we also use McAfeeSECURE (formerly HackerSafe), to ensure that our site is safe from "hacking."

Payment Methods

Credit Card Payment

  • When you are ready to pay using a credit card on our site Shopping Cart will break up your information and then send it to us in segments. We then physically process your payment using FirstData. Both our website and FirstData are one extremely secure servers and use the latest technology to assure us and you that all information exchanges between you and us are securely processed out of view of any third party.

  • We currently accept the following credit cards:
    • VISA

  • Safe Shopping Guarantee

    Under the U.S. Fair Credit Billing Act, your personal liability for fraudulent credit card purchases is limited to $50.  In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card occurring as a result of a purchase made at Amalux over our secure server (through no fault of your own), Amalux will reimburse you for your actual fraudulent losses up to $50.  To be eligible for reimbursement, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures, file a police report and submit copies to Amalux.

PayPal Payments

  • We do offer other methods of payment. We offer the payment services of PAYPAL, which offers an added measure of security. Using PAYPAL your order is processed without us ever seeing your credit card or banking information. If, for instance, you decide to send us your payment and shipping information via an e-mail or regular mail we would receive, process, file and ship your order. If you have e-mail we would confirm receipt. We strongly recommend however, that you never send credit card or similar information using e-mail, as this is not secure.

Checks and Money Order Payments

  • We do accept checks and money orders. All we are concerned about in this method of payment is your mailing address. We do not process checks electronically at this time and will therefore not record your bank account numbers. Until such time as we do and that this is your preferred method of payment we will not require or record this type of banking information.

  • If high tech and impersonal in not for you; you are perfectly welcome to contact us personally at our toll free number: 866-402-4052.

  • Please feel free to contact us: Should you have any further comments, questions or concerns please feel free to view our contact information and contact us by what ever means suits you best. Our offices are open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time, Monday to Saturday. Contact Information

Once we have your information it is processed through FirstData International. They are our credit card processor. FirstData International processes credit cards for retail e-commerce stores as well as regular "physical" retail stores. If you have shopped using a credit card anywhere before, chances are that the merchants you have purchased from use FirstData International to process your transaction. They are one of the largest credit card processing companies in the United States. Their business is by nature based on security and therefore they implement the very highest quality security.

We process credit cards on and through their highly secure servers.

My credit card is not working.
Over 90% of credit card problems are caused by a mismatch between the Billing Address / Zip Code you entered during checkout and the Billing Address / Zip Code on file with your credit card company. For your own security, we cannot process your transaction unless these addresses match. When these errors occur, you are automatically redirected to the Credit Card Screen and there is a red error warning at the top of the page.

You can easily change your Billing Address during the Checkout Process either on the Credit Card Screen or on the final Confirmation Screen. Note that you are still free to designate a Separate Shipping Address (which does not need to be the same as your Billing Address).

Address verification problems occur most often after moves and/or change of addresses. If you're still having problems checking out with your new billing address, you may want to try your old billing address (in case your credit card company has not updated the address yet).

Sometimes a shipping address error from the USPS will not allow the shopping cart to continue the processing sequence.

If you're confident that your Billing Address is accurate and you're still having credit card issues, please Contact Us for assistance.

Other Ordering and Payment Methods

At Amalux, we employ the Internet's strongest security technologies, and even offer a "Safe Shopping Guarantee" to give our customers peace of mind (see Payment Methods for details). However, even with our extra security precautions, we recognize that not everyone wants to or feels comfortable purchasing online with credit cards. For these customers, we offer a number of other ways to purchase from Amalux.

Phone Orders

Ordering online is still the fastest and most accurate way to place your order. However, as a courtesy to our customers who prefer to place orders over the phone instead of online, you may now order via our toll-free number during normal business hours. If you're calling outside of normal business hours or we're helping other customers, please leave a detailed message with your callback number, and we will return your call as soon as possible. When calling our order line, please be ready with your product names or item numbers, credit card information, billing address and shipping address (if different). Our toll-free order line is 1-866-402-4052.

Was my order placed?

There are 3 ways to verify that your order has been placed.

1. Your order has not been placed until you confirm your payment and order details by selecting the blue "Confirm Order" button at the bottom right of the Order Confirmation page. After you confirm your order, you will be taken to another screen which shows your 6-digit order number. This 6-digit order number tells you that your order has been placed. Please note that for Paypal orders, you must first pay for the order via Paypal, and then you will be redirected to your order success page.

2. Your order details will be emailed to you a short time later to the email address you specified earlier. Please note that if you have a Spam-blocker set (e.g. Earthlink and Comcast users), you must designate as an approved sender in order to receive our emails.

3. If you established an account with us during the sign-up process, you may check your order details at any time by Loging In.

If you're still concerned about whether your order was placed with us, please Contact Us.

Warranties and Guarantees

Our products are warranted to the extent of their being whole and in good useable condition when they are received by the end user/customer. All sales of printed material are final. We will however replace any item that arrives damaged in the mail or is lost in the mail.

Although, there are no guarantees that our or any herbal or health products will work to anyone's satisfaction. We do offer a 100% money back guarantee to all encapsulated herbal products or ointments. They have been manufactured to be in strict compliance with standards of cleanliness and sanitation and in FDA approved facilities. We are not permitted to diagnose or treat any ailment.


We will offer credit in the amount of the value of the product(s) for any product(s) returned. The product(s) must be returned at the buyers expense and in good resalable condition. Herbal products returned to us opened will not be reused but credit will be given as stated above. To receive a credit on a retail sale, a product(s) must be returned within 30 days of invoicing date.

Books will be accepted only if their plastic seal has not been broken and if they are in as new condition.

Anti-Fraud Policy

Credit card fraud cannot and will not be tolerated. It undermines the entire growth of the Internet and computer companies worldwide. We actively and aggressively fight all forms of credit card fraud.

What constitutes Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud has been committed if you attempt to use someone else's credit card without their approval or if you use your credit card and then claim that you did not authorize the transaction or receive the product when in fact you received it.

What Happens when you commit credit card fraud?

You will be reported to the FBI. This may result in an action against you for the amount disputed, plus the cost of paying the collection agency and/or lawyers.  Credit card fraud is a serious offense and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Our no tolerance policy of fighting back each and every case of credit card fraud will cost you much more money than the original amount you received.

How do we prove your identity?

Your identity is available through your Internet Service Provider (including AOL and dynamic IP's).

How do we collect?

We may file liens on your property, bank account, and/or garnish your wages. This may also result in a report being filed with 3 major credit-reporting agencies once our case is won.

Shipping Policy

Amalux's shipping policy is to provide our customers efficient, dependable order delivery at reasonable prices.  Our standard shipping fees cover our basic packing and shipping costs - without excessive handling fees or other charges.

Standard Shipping Methods.  Most orders are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail within the USA. We may also ship your order via USPS First-Class Mail, USPS Express Mail, UPS, Federal Express or other carriers depending upon your shipping address, order details and customer preference.

Delivery Times.  Typical delivery times are 3 to 7 days from the shipping date for most items .  We maintain a full inventory of products , and over 95% of our orders are shipped within 24-48 hours.  If your product request is back-ordered or we expect an unusual shipping delay, we will promptly notify you via email.

International Orders. Shipping is available to selected international destinations for a standard USPS fee automatically calculated by a linkage to the USPS through our shopping cart. Please note that if you cannot find your country in our pull-down address menu, it means we DO NOT ship to your country. This is because the country either has issues with customs delays (i.e. Germany) or high incidences of credit card fraud (e.g. Spain, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, most of Asia). International Shipping is via USPS International First Class Mail (where available), which transfers the shipment to local postal delivery after it clears customs. Delivery times may vary from less than 1 week up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the destination and your local customs processing times. Please do not contact us about speeding up your order through customs, as we have no control over local customs delays. Amalux may be unable to ship to some international destinations due to local customs regulations. Please note that you, the customer, are responsible for all shipping charges, taxes, duties or other customs fees assessed in the country of delivery. You are also responsible for ensuring that the items you ordered can be imported legally into your country. Check with your local customs regulations prior to ordering. If your order is refused by local customs and returned intact to Amalux, we will refund your original order amount (less any shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee).

Other Information. Additional charges may be applied if the delivery address is incorrect, or if the package needs to be forwarded to a different location.

For questions about our shipping policy, or to inquire about your order, please Contact Us.


The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be used to prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses or diseases or as a substitute for professional healthcare. If you have a serious health problem, we strongly recommend that you consult a competent healthcare provider.

  1. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before deciding on any course of treatment, especially for any and all serious or life-threatening illnesses or diseases.
  2. The information provided has been drawn from traditional herbal and otherwise naturalist theory, etc., as possibly being helpful and offers traditional and historical perspectives as to the uses of herbs and is for educational purposes.
  3. Amalux makes no claim as to the effectiveness or benefit of any of our products and cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions, side effects or misuse of any of our products. Amalux assumes no responsibility for those who prescribe our products for themselves.
  4. Our suggested use is as dietary supplements only. We strongly advise that you always use caution when taking any herb, herbal product and/or medication other than those prescribed or suggested by a healthcare provider.
  5. NO ADVICE! The Website is not intended to be a comprehensive or detailed statement concerning the matters addressed; professional or expert advice or recommendations; or an offer or recommendation to sell or buy any product or other item, product or service. You should seek appropriate, qualified professional advice and recommendations before acting or omitting to act based upon any information provided on or though the Website.
  6. For children under the age of 12, pregnant or nursing women, please use caution unless under the advice or supervision of your healthcare provider. Always read and follow all label directions. All herbs and all medications should be kept out of the reach of children. Any claims and/or statements on the use(s) of any herb or herbal product have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.