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About Us

literally means "love light or lover of the light," because guidance in our lives can only come from the Light of Love and its inherent warmth and illumination.

In this spirit, we have endeavored to provide for those searching through selected spiritual writings that we have also found so valuable.
Our books offer a clear as well as practical understanding of nature and creation. Their authors are not household names yet, even without any kind of advertising the works of these authors are read, survive and remain relevant - some for hundreds of years. The books we are providing have been carefully selected and are the very best we could find and are also the best of their kind.

Our books have been selected to inspire a "self motivated" approach towards Inner Peace and Spiritual Refinement in today's troubled world. We are confident that our books are the best in their field. Our selection includes the New Revelation of Jakob Lorber, the work of Paracelsus, the newly redrawn etchings of Robert Fludd and of course, the classic Hermetic works of Franz Bardon. An offshoot from these works is a working model of an astrolabe, our Astrological Calculator based on Kabbalistic Astrology and its relation to esoteric Christianity. All of our books instruct on the universal principles of Christian Mysticism to the finest degree.

We also believe that a thinking person is intelligent enough to make up their own mind when exposed to good and reliable information, and should also be able to achieve well being, and inner peace through their own efforts. To deny a human being this fundamental right and capacity would be to deny their humanity and being created in the image of God.

Ours are products with purpose; their market is everywhere and for everyone.

We Offer:

Books for the Mystically Inclined

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