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Exploring The Western Spiritual Heritage

A Slice of Western Spirituality.

franz bardon, jakob lorber, paracelsus, robert fludd Our Authors We have chosen our authors very carefully to reflect a gentle yet universal perspective on life.
Being a Prophet and Prophesy have less to do with foretelling the future or starting new religions than providing accurate and reliable tools with which to pursue a spiritual path in life within the scope of universal principles. These authors in their work have provided an unmatched wealth of useful, applicable and verifiable spiritual information and, with it, enormous contributions for potential Spiritual Growth in our times. There have been many writers and philosophers throughout time that have influenced others and perhaps history. All of them have provided a guiding light to their followers and adherents; sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. We have selected these authors for their altruism and their sometimes prophet like contribution to humanity.

Amalux Book Selection

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                 Akasha, Tarot, Spirit, Adept, Wicca, witchcraft, Akashic record, Clairvoyance, Kabbalah, Hermetik, Hermetic, 
                 Evocation, Karma, the four elements, Magic mirror, occult magic, Franz Bardon, Akasha, metaphysics, spirits, Tarot, 
                 wiccan, witchcraft, Clairvoyance, Kabbalah, Evocation, Hermetics, Aura,
Franz Bardon

hermes trismegistus, toth, trismagistus, hermetics
Hermes Trismegistus
Michele de Nostradamus
robert fludd
Robert Fludd
lao tse, lao tsu, tung, dao, daoist
Lao Tse

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Jakob Lorber
emanuel swedenborg
Emanuel Swedenborg
Paracelsus, Prophet Daniel, Philosophia Mystica, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, Aureolus 
                Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus, Philosophia Mystica, book of Daniel, Paracelsus, mystical philosophy, Philippus 
                Aureolus Theophrastus bombast of hoenheim, Prophet Daniel, mystical philosophy, prophesies of the prophet Daniel, book 
                of Daniel, Philosophia Mystica, Paracelsus, Theophrastus Paracelsus, the prophet Daniel, book of Daniel, prophesies of 
                the prophet Daniel, mystical philosophy,

gottfried mayerhofer, new revelation, lorber, lords sermons,
Gottfried Mayerhofer
jacob boehme
Jakob Boehme

Karl von Eckartshausen, Magic The Principles of Higher Knowledge
Dr. Georg Lomer
Karl von
Johannes Helmond
Kabbalistic Astrology Kabbalistic Identity The search for "self" is the innermost of searches. Kabbalistic Astrology offers a useful tool in the quest.
kabbalistic astrology
Most people struggle with finding their purpose in life and "who we are" within that purpose. Kabbalistic Astrology is an ideal tool when applied towards this end. It is universal and has no affiliation any one religious practice. Kabbalistic Astrology has no relation to what has come to be known as Astrology also known as Mantic Astrology or even "Tabloid" astrology.

Kabbalistic Astrology

prophesies, prophesy, prophecies Western Prophesy Western prophesies and the logic of why the predicted manifests. It isn't God; it's us. Our actions create the consequences.

Prophesy is not particularly Western as it exists in all cultures. Interestingly, some prophesies, from different cultures are remarkably similar. In this section we are highlighting Western Prophesies and their particular slant. What is sometimes spellbinding in some of these prophesies is that they are explained using logic which gives reason to an otherwise lofty or wild prognostication.

To Prophesies

franz bardon, jakob lorber, robert fludd, paracelsus Book Selection Often one book can have more useful and life changing content than an entire library; quality over quantity matters.

Our book selection is decidedly Western and spiritual in nature. What is primarily contained throughout the selection is a collection principles that are rooted within the Western Tradition.

Principles are by their nature universal. Knowing principles leads to fundamental understanding. Without them we are lost and are incapable of finding our way in life. A person is free to implement any principle as they please according to their free will. How we navigate around the principles that make existence possible determine the success of our life experience and spiritual progression. This book selection presents these concepts with clarity, and neutrality yet with an unmistakably Western flavour.

Amalux Book Selection

Franz Bardon Hermes Trismegistus Michele de Nostradame
  Robert Fludd Lao Tse
Jakob Lorber Emanuel Swedenborg Gottfried Mayerhofer
  Jakob Boehme  
Merkur Books Dr. Georg Lomer Johannes Helmond
Karl von Eckartshausen Paracelsus
fludd mysticism, jakob lorber, franz bardon Western Mysticism In the West the greatest good exists beside the greatest evil. This dichotomy forces advancement on all levels.

Every culture establishes its character from it's particular mysticism. North, South, East or West; all cultures on Earth behave according to their beliefs. A belief, already being a form of mysticism, defines the protocols of behaviour based on something that is believed to exist without any physical proof thereof. Whereas the materialist sees only physical activity, the mystic witnesses the unseen hand of unseen forces in every physical occurrence. Christian Mysticism is what defines the Western world (if not it' s behaviour) and sets it apart from all other cultures.

Christian Mysticism The Spiritual in Science  

  • There Are Only Two Religions In Reality

  • There Are Only Two Possible Truths

  • Perceptions Become Conceptions

Fundamentally and ultimately, there are only two actual religions that exist; one being positive, the other negative; that is to say; one leading towards God and one leading away from God. Having said this it is entirely possible for two people espousing the same faith, Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism for instance, to, by virtue of how they have organized their beliefs and subsequent actions, be going in opposite directions; one towards God and the other away; while both are externally following the protocols of the same religion. "Being saved" then, becomes little more than a cliche; especially if self proclaimed; as far as Christianity is concerned anyway.

This is possible because there are also only two truths that can exist. There is the constant and unchanging "Absolute Truth" that we live within and out of which we form our reality and, there is "relative truth;" which is formed through our observations, experiences and our reason, out of which we form our "theories" which, in the end, are nothing more than our best guess at what the Absolute Truth is.

This dichotomy is sometimes also expressed as the Light versus the false light; the Ignis Fatuus. When you are in accord with Absolute Truth you are with the Light and in the Truth. The Absolute is immediately and constantly all around us. We all wander within the Absolute Truth often without any real awareness of It. Only the pure of heart can see it. The impertinent are completely blind to It and so act according to their own light believing it to be the only light. Therefore, it is quite pointless to suggest to anyone that what we may be offering here is better than what anyone else is offering somewhere else because, in the end, everything is and will always remain a simple matter of spiritual maturity and belief; everyone must be left to decide things for themselves that they might come into the Light through their experience, consciously. Then, their experience and knowledge is truly their own. Up until then it is merely a borrowed experience; hearsay. When people are coerced into thinking and believing according to another persons reality it produces a sort of insanity with people reasoning using another persons reason. The effect of modern day media is a good example of this.

The personal concepts that everyone organizes their life around are based on personally experienced perceptions that have been formed through their environment. The only way to change, or at least "mature" our conceptualized beliefs is through ongoing expanded experiences, cold blooded objective observation and reasoning and a good measure of daring that would sufficiently free us to explore, examine and compare for ourselves what is real and what is fantasy. Although it is everyone's right to adhere to a dogma that may have been taught from birth, examining what had been taught and testing the truth of it has always been a personal responsibility and in exercising this responsibility one approaches the Absolute, maturing one's personal beliefs. In the West this Absolute is sometimes called God.

Should a belief be modified through a life experience, it follows that personal theories and concepts must change with it. The fundamentally new outlook on life that arises is commonly called a paradigm shift. Every time this happens a person feels as if reborn because of the newly found reality they now find themselves within. They see things with different eyes, from a previously unknown and liberating perspective. Therefore, and by extension, Spiritual rebirth is nothing more than the realization that we are images of the Absolute that have consciously become active within It. This is the purpose of any religious paradigm and antagonistic to none.

Karl von Eckartshausen states that - "Of what you have no perception, you can have no conception."

In other words in the infinity of God's creation there will always be something that we will have no knowledge of because we are without an awareness of it. Even the Archangels admit this. What our senses have not detected, we cannot know exists.

Then, just to complicate things further, we have to be aware of the fact that our physical senses are often less than perfect. They can be tricked or, obscured by other physical phenomenon present at the time of perception that might get in the way and by emotional predispositions as well as learned and environmental biases. What we think we may be seeing, may not be what we think it to be.

One thing is for certain; "God is the All in All." Everything that exists, can only exist within God and by His Will. Within God we are all free to explore and examine everything, if it has value explore it further, if it does not you are free to reject it. The path that this process opens is the path that leads towards God.

God wishes to be recognized and wants us to recognize Him without coercion that we might know His love and that we might awaken and exercise our own love freely. Believe it or not, this is what Christianity is fundamentally all about - everything else is ceremonial window dressing. Jesus Christ having come to us in physical form, dying and then resurrecting is just God showing Himself to us and removing the impediments that we might see Him and know Him.

A Reader's Testimonial:

But John answered and said:"Master, we saw a man casting out devils in thy name, and we forbade him because he does not follow unto us." And Jesus said to him "Do not forbid him; for he who is not against you is for you."

You have a great web site. A thinking discerning person can see what you write is correct and just. Christian mysticism should be studied - health and wellness of the individual are part of love and spirituality and are therefore correct and righteous. I often read what's on your web site and plan to order from you.

God bless you and thank you for what you offer.

R. Miller